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Anyone getting a bunch of game invites/friend requests?

#1Norris1020Posted 7/11/2011 9:00:28 PM
Over the past 4 days or so, I've been getting either friend requests or game invites for Black Ops, which I've been playing. I'm usually getting at least 2 per day (playing maybe 2 hours per day) and when I look at my "Players met" section, none of them were people I played with in a lobby. I've ignored them all because it's very fishy, and I was wondering if anyone else has just started experiencing this.
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#2darkshadowmasterPosted 7/11/2011 9:01:54 PM
Did a few times a long time ago but I just declined & went on my way.
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#3InkontrolPosted 7/11/2011 9:30:24 PM
Yeah Black Ops is the one game where I would get a lot although they were usually from people that were in matches with me.
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#4lightbringer768Posted 7/11/2011 9:40:56 PM
Nope, gotta actually play games online for that too happen and I don't play games online that much. Oh and actually have friends and I have none of those either so I'm good.
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#5scjetPosted 7/11/2011 9:42:24 PM
Been getting a lot of requests via Uncharted 2 and 3 the past few days.
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#6Schwepps01Posted 7/11/2011 10:00:31 PM
This topic reminded me of how annoying it is to get friends request from people you played with for 5 seconds in an online game. If you see then a lot and get into intense battles with them, then I could understand. But there are people that add me and I'm like "Oh yeah that was that guy who sucked that I saw for like 5 secs before he quit and started playing <insert random other game that I don't have here>.
#7flame030191Posted 7/11/2011 10:03:13 PM
from the few times ive seen from BOps is everyone either adds you/invites to games, or calls you n00b and **** talks the match
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