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My son needs something to play

#41tonyalmaedaPosted 7/12/2011 11:49:36 PM
"I said that my son and his friends like to play the zombies on corry's xbox or did you not read that? Clearly its about playing his own game with his friends just the better version. All of the kids in the neighborhood have both systems, but I didn't want to spoil him, seems like I actually punished him accidentally by making him play a system that none of his friends use other than for a bluray player or to play the hand full of games that are only on the ps3. None of his friends play pc video games. You're also jumping to conclusions to say Corry's is influencing my son's opinion. I never once quoted my son as "corry said this or that", my son is intelligent enough to be able to decide which looks better between Dude where's my Car and Avatar."

Look Ruff,

When you addressed me you didnt say anything about the COD Zombies, maybe you were talking to someone else. LOLOL Dude wheres my Car?? You speak as if the PS3 has Wii graphics lol. Anyway it really makes sense now. You never said ALL his friends have 360's. Friends are always a big consideration when getting a console. You did a good job getting a PS3 but it was a bad choice in regards to your son. He's probably also getting heckled for being the odd man out. Again just speculating. And there are plenty of sites that do graphix comparisons. Youll see that the differences are minuscule.
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#42PurelyDivinePosted 7/13/2011 12:02:42 AM
it could just be the TV that's making the xbox version look better
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