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Great deals on PSN store. What is recommended?

#1AngelSkulzPosted 7/12/2011 3:34:11 PM(edited)
Gonna go to my nearest Best Buy and get me a 10 dollar card. I was looking between back to the future or hardcore uprising
If you have a mediocre connection, don't bother playing online.
#2AngelSkulz(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2011 3:43:18 PM
If you have a mediocre connection, don't bother playing online.
#3loseswithluigiPosted 7/12/2011 3:59:43 PM
You can get Scott Pilgrim and it's DLC for a steal of a price. Moreso if you've got PS+, so glad I ended up with an extra month... got the game and DLC for 5.94!
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#4lipnox88Posted 7/12/2011 4:13:03 PM
Dungeon Hunter Alliance - For fans of Diablo 2 that want some awesome 4 player on one console dungeon crawler action. Ive played beyond endless time in diablo 2 and Dungeon Hunter Alliance is the first game since that, that I could actually get into. let me just say It was only $10 because I had plus but Its way way better then dungeon seige III which in comparison is a joke and there is a demo available now, as well as PS move support.

Back to the Future: The Game: Amazing back to the future story crafted into an amazing point and click adventure. Play the demo, if you dont instantly want to buy the game its probably not for you.

Honorable mentions:
Warhawx (con is that there is no offline component and its kinda hard to get into now without dying endlessly for the first 3-6 hours)

Cell Factor (con is that AI bots wont be keeping you entertained due to the poor difficulty unless competing for most kills in free for all split screen with a friend, Online would be great and works when someone else is online, you just wont find anyone online... ever!)

Modern Combat: Domination (con is you cannot level up offline limiting AI opponents to always be stuck to using 1 or 2 weapons, and with few people ever online... lets just say its great if you need a new simple counterstrike styled fps that supports the Move, but now that Killzone 3 is out, its just not something I play anymore)

I could also say monopoly, tetris, etc but if you like what there based on I can confirm, risk, wheel of fortune, and monopoly are great and cheap on ps3, and that is the same for all remakes and reboots available on psn, If you love bomberman get it, but if you dont like it its obviously not going to be anything beyond what your used to.
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