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What should i get from the sale?

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User Info: Jamesccg

5 years ago#11
Scott Pilgram vs the world
Shank or
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User Info: MyBRbackfired

5 years ago#12
Games>ps3>m>mushroom wars= free for ps+

It's not listed in the discount section or exclusives for some reason
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User Info: DAP1MP13

5 years ago#13
Get Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
And get Pac-Man also, just try the demo, I bet you'll be hooked.

Shank is a good deal for < $5 and so is Hard Corps Uprising for < $8, but I recommend Scott Pilgrim and Pac-Man over those.
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User Info: justchill433

5 years ago#14
I second Burnout Paradise. Definitely not a racing sim, but more of a arcade racer. Tons of jumps, destruction, cars, etc... and there's racing too.
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User Info: AngelSkulz

5 years ago#15
No one would recommend back to the future all 5 episodes for $10? Unless it isnt complete.
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User Info: MwarriorHiei

5 years ago#16
i bought the back to the future pack, but i havent downloaded them yet. ive only heard good things about the games though.

also, the games play like a point-and-click adventure game.

and i would also like to point out that the fifth episode is not out yet. im assuming that people that bought the 5 episode bundle will be able to download it at a later date.
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