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Q about Uncharted series and PS3 exclusives...

#11hotwheeler89Posted 7/13/2011 8:47:22 PM
flymike posted...
Wow man, putting it that way, I guess i'll go ahead and pick it up tommorrow. How long is it roughly?

For a first play through 7 to 8 hours. After that if you go through fast then you can finish it in like 5 hours.
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#12flymike(Topic Creator)Posted 7/15/2011 9:14:38 AM
I bought Uncharted 1 yesterday. I'm a complete moron for sleeping on this game, this series for so long.

Played for a good while last night and can't wait to start Uncharted 2.

I'm just pissed that I never tried out the Uncharted 3 multi beta. Sigh...
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