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so is captain america worth getting

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User Info: shads3055

5 years ago#1
or not?

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

5 years ago#2
Get Duke Nukem Forever, best game ever for you.

User Info: TheHood33

5 years ago#3
Check out the 360 board for the game. Its supposedly a great movie game and people are saying its better than Wolverine (but still more than a couple of steps below Batman:AA).
You know what, there's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact, I hear that they ride on silver moonbeams, and that they shoot rainbows out of their ass
(message deleted)

User Info: CellSound

5 years ago#5
I agree completely with broseff.

Plus the game has scored 5/10 off 2 reviews already.

User Info: true_gamer80

5 years ago#6
broseff posted...
you've got to be a complete moron to even ask this question.
come on man.

funny I think one would be a "complete moron" for not wanting to know more about a game they are interested in.
Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
(message deleted)

User Info: TBiggz

5 years ago#8
what a positive poster
(message deleted)

User Info: broseff

5 years ago#10
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