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NHRA drag racing game?

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5 years ago#1
When in the world is a game developer going to develop a game for the PS3 which is based on NHRA drag racing instead of all these horrible 12 mile or so drag races through city streets being chased by cops? There would be a huge market for it I think.
5 years ago#2
lol, no
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5 years ago#3
Game Loading (30 seconds)>
Main Menu>
Choose race/location/class> (60 seconds)>
Game Loading> (10 seconds)>
Cut-scene of girl in short shorts lining car up (10 seconds)>
QTE burnout> 5 seconds)>
Cutscene of car reversing back into groove> (10 seconds)
Waiting for green light> (3-5 seconds)
RACE! (6 seconds duration)>
Game Loading> (5 seconds)
Results Page- Retry?>

Repeat ad nauseum. No thanks.
Good job Jeremy.
5 years ago#4
There was a drag racing game on the Ps2. I had it thinking fast and sweet time killer. Three hours later I returned it.
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