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How is Front Mission Evolved ?

#1Yuji KaidoPosted 8/3/2011 1:06:41 AM
Love FM3 and FM4 so how is evolved ? I know the battle system has changed but is it at least fun ? Are the characters interesting ?
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#2DaggeraxePosted 8/3/2011 1:41:20 AM
I've heard nothing but bad things about Evolved.

They turned a good turn based strategy game into a mediocre third person shooter.
#3HOBBESINATORPosted 8/3/2011 4:13:09 AM
I picked it up for $20 and I don't feel like I wasted my money- I've actually enjoyed it quite a bit (I've only played the story mode, and I haven't touched multiplayer). The story runs a little on the cliche side and the voice acting runs from good to simply okay- but honestly, I've found it all to be quite fun.

Gameplay is a bit slower paced than most 3rd person shooter games, but that's to be expected from a game where you pilot a giant robot, I'd figure. The on-foot portions are a hoot, too. I'd say pick it up if you are interested, and just try to buy it for as cheap as you can.
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#44thStrikePosted 8/3/2011 5:19:19 AM
Yuji Kaido posted...
but is it at least fun ? Are the characters interesting ?
No and no.
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#5AceviperPosted 8/3/2011 5:25:27 AM
You will like Sazh more than Front Mission Evolved
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