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question for any mega man fans

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5 years ago#1
does anyone know if a new mega man or mega man x game is being developed for the psn?

also, I'm not sure if something like this exists, but...I've noticed certain robot bosses/mega man/bass/etc figures and plush dolls exist--is there a collection of figures or something that consists of all of the robot bosses throughout the series. it seems that a lot of the figures or plush dolls r of random bosses.
5 years ago#2
No and no.
Ill lick all fanboys ass! - arsios
5 years ago#3
does mega man still have the gruesome deaths with the yellow balls pulsating around him in a circle when he dies? just curious...been long time since i played it
5 years ago#4
well, that sucks. mega man is one of my favorite series, and it's sad to see it end so abruptly. maybe it's just me, but I find most games these days lack character which is probably y I go for cheap psn games. mega man, perhaps simplistic in nature, has always been great!
5 years ago#5
there is gonna be a megaman dual pack released soon (megaman powered up/maverick hunter x) for the psp. maybe that counts?
5 years ago#6
What you imagine or read in a really old book doesn't make it truthfully so. ~ me
Just because you don't know isn't evidence that you know. ~ me
5 years ago#7
it's pretty sad that second-rate developers r now taking the reigns. all of the great series r either dead or dying. what is going on with the gaming industry today???
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