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Make your GOTY

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5 years ago#1
What would your Game of the Year include?

Music (Style):
Features (Online, etc.):
5 years ago#2
1 simple thing: demon's souls splitscreen co-op
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5 years ago#3
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

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5 years ago#4
Fun fun funnington
The game is just so fun
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5 years ago#5
Story: negligible... create a world that has implied story all around... but there should be no linear goal to reach the end of the game to see what happens.

Gameplay: most important part, I want dynamic physics, lots of NPCs to interact with, each with their own dispositions, inventories, and abilities.

Music: there should be some really nice non-licensed soundtrack that work with the ebb and flow of the game, but it should also support within the game the use of custom soundtracks (designed to be balanced with the rest of the sound effects in the game as opposed to the atrocious built in feature for the 360, or even worse, the ps3's functionality that has to be implemented by the devs and is balanced even worse).

This should be a WRPG that borrows a lot from Bethesda's RPGs, but also has nice animations and physics borrowed from something like GTAIV. Character customization is a must, lots of loot and an interesting system for storing\collecting\selling\stealing that loot.
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5 years ago#6
Story: Uncharted 3
Gameplay: Uncharted 3
Graphics/Artstyle: Uncharted 3
Music (Style): Uncharted 3
Features (Online, etc.): Uncharted 3

Hmm guess Im looking forward to Uncharted 3.
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5 years ago#7
Story: Bioware style conversation choices with tons of choice, including many romances, harem option, lead character modeled after Danny Trejo aka Machete. Bad Guy modeled after Hans Gruber from Die Hard. Setting- various locations around Earth, Mars, Westeros, Midgard, and Disney World

Gameplay: third person action adventure in the vein of Uncharted, but open world ala Fallout 3 and rpg like skill building and progression. Hyperexaggerated ultra violence and dismemberment ala fallout, but also include modeling for the forcable removal of various vital organs.

Graphics/Artstyle: Fairly realistic, ala Uncharted, but with intentionally out of place anime girl fanservice abound, overwhelmingly female cast to act as harem, cough, companions to the lead dude. Also, cameos from various Disney Characters.

Music (Style): Orchestral Interpretations of GWAR and Slayer.

Features (Online, etc.): robust online in addition to the 150 hour single player campaign. Online to feature Mic voice tracking for quality control purpose- game will automatically permaban any account when the mic picks up any high pitched pre-puberty voices, the word tryhard, and many other uses to terminology to be determined.
5 years ago#8
"Mic voice tracking for quality control purpose- game will automatically permaban any account when the mic picks up any high pitched pre-puberty voices"

^^ LOL
PSN/GT - Hennaboy
5 years ago#9
we can all wish :)
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