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i just reached trophy level 20!!!!!!!!!

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5 years ago#41
Dead Rising 2, oh what fun that was. Now I wanna run over zombies again!
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5 years ago#42
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5 years ago#43
Congrats Rob. I am on sort of a gaming hiatus at the moment so I'm now much farther behind you then I would like to be. I still mess around with RB3 from time to time though.
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5 years ago#44
wigsplasher posted...
Chaingunmaster posted...
I'm at 17 now, I think it took about 4 games platted to get from 16 to 17.

Platinum trophies actually don't add at all to your trophy percentage

percentage of the game complete, no
percentage of next tropy level, yes

bronze - 15
silver - 30
gold - 90
plat - 180
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5 years ago#45
I've been on level 13 forever. It's taking so long.
5 years ago#46
*thumbs up*
(message deleted)
5 years ago#48
I don't care if he enjoys wasting his time with this stuff. But the fact that he has Hannah Montana is truly pathetic.
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5 years ago#49
lol hanna montana, im almost at 20 myself :3
im a random poster.
5 years ago#50
lol, Hannah Montana, why do people embarrass themselves by putting it on their list, it'll be there forever, forever showing that you play cheap, quick, easy, crap games made for 9 year old girls just for trophies for your e-peen. Even if you finished that NGS2 plat you'd still have Hannah Montana there negating its accomplishment, embarrassing Ryu Hayabusa... sucks man.
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  3. i just reached trophy level 20!!!!!!!!!

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