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Problems with Tomb Raider 2 download. Who to contact? Seriously...

#11da_StoOgePosted 8/19/2011 10:10:58 AM
BlueSkies7776 posted...
da number one stooge posted...
Hmm. My disc version doesn't even want to get past the menu. Maybe an update stuffed it, because I swear I played it on my PS3 last year.

Yeah, I think so. I'm thinking of getting the disc though since I have a PS2.

Sounds like you might have to. I can confirm that all the others work on the PS3 though. PAL region anyway.
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#12stawg007Posted 8/19/2011 10:20:16 AM
wigsplasher posted...
GM_ posted...
wigsplasher posted...
Call your bank to prevent you from spending more money on Tomb Raider

Someone is bitter that they sucked at oldschool Tomb Raider games that were actually good. The series is too casual and mainstream these days and are watered down to the point I don't classify them as Platformers at all. Which is what they used to be. Adventure/Platformer.

WTF? How'd you come up with that idea from my post? Troll.

The Tomb Raider series is crap and has been since the beginning. It's always had awkward controls and only gained interest in gamers due to the "heroine's" chest size.

Yea, I must be so bitter from sucking at "oldschool Tomb Raider" games that I harboured a hatred for the series for over a decade! Newsflash: reviews and demos prevented me from having to "play" (slog) through the campaigns of most Tomb Raider games so go back to the drawing board, disgruntled ex-Tomb Raider dev

yeah, it really seems like GM_ is the troll here
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