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Something I've been wondering...

#1cheatermasterPosted 8/16/2011 10:06:38 PM
Whenever you visit to any of the ps3 video game message board, does it tend to be annoying when some ps3 video game seems to start dying down, especially when some games start o have only just maybe 3 or 4 or mabe 5 topics to possible even having no topics at all? For example. I went to the Ghostbusters the Video game message board and I only see two topics there that are new while the rest are archived. Another example is that I went to the Godfather 2 message board and saw every single topics are archived, yet there are no topics that are no new topics. Not just ps3 games, but all the other games for other systems like the ps2, xbox, wii and so forth.

The reason I'm asking is because what if I wanna make a new topic in a game message board here and want to ask something, yet barely anyone would replay in my message in any of the game message board when they're mostly dead? Eventually, they'll end up getting archived with no one answering my question, especially if I want to ask about spoilers and such.
#2ArtahnPosted 8/16/2011 10:09:06 PM
It's generally alright with the community if you ask your question here if the game's board is dead.
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