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Should I get the PS3 with this price drop?

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5 years ago#1
Ive been thinking of getting a ps3 for a long time even before the price drop. So I got a few questions before I actually buy one.
1. What model is the pricedrop with? Like is it the slim or the regular?

2, How many gigs(I think thats what theyre called 4 the PS3) comes with the priced drop model?

3. All of my freinds have an xbox which I do to, so is this a good system if you dont whant to play with your freinds since it doesnt have the party chat system?

4. Are the exclusives soley worth it for the system like Killzone, Infamous, and LBP2, the xbox is lacking on some good exclusives like I heard about theese and really wish they where on the xbox lol.

5. How good is your Playstation Network? Like does it lag alot or not?
Thats about it so any tips would be helpfull in my purchasing descion.
GOD over Money
5 years ago#2
Price drop is for all existing models available.

160 GB is enough for the average gamer unless you plan on downloading tons of movies and add-ons.

If you don't want to chat with your friends then why not? lol

Yes, the exclusives are worth the investment of the console.

PSN is okay and there's not really any lag from my experience.
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5 years ago#3
GOD over Money
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