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Do you like games with cartoonish graphics?

#1TheRavenKC123Posted 8/31/2011 5:34:42 PM
I tried playing Prince of Persia for PS3 and it has really good gameplay, but I couldn't get into it because of the cartoon style graphics. Does anyone else feel this way?
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#2SayoriaPosted 8/31/2011 5:36:26 PM
Like? I would MUCH rather have cartoony games over realistic ones. In fact, I would buy a decent cartoony game over a realistic great game.
#3XeonexFlashPosted 8/31/2011 5:36:31 PM
Doesn't really bother me. I find it has more creativity in its style, such as Sly Cooper or Ratchet and Clank ToD/ACiT
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#4RPG maniac87Posted 8/31/2011 5:36:42 PM
I'm like your polar opposite. :D
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#5zyrax2301Posted 8/31/2011 5:36:53 PM
That's called cel-shaded graphics, and no. I like that style.

"Cartoonish" is an art style, not graphics.
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#6justchill433Posted 8/31/2011 5:37:51 PM
No I actually prefer them if they are done right. Ratchet and Clank is a perfect example. The game has phenomenal graphics, but a lot of people don't like the cartoon look.
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#7mecha_mkIIPosted 8/31/2011 5:37:54 PM
RPG maniac87 posted...
I'm like your polar opposite. :D

#8nonames4uPosted 8/31/2011 5:44:23 PM
I didn't used to, but then they grew on me after awhile. Too much Borderlands I guess.

I don't prefer them but I don't mind them at all now.

Was WoW cell shaded? I also played that one. 4 years of life I will never get back :p
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#9Cloudtail4everPosted 8/31/2011 5:49:13 PM
zyrax2301 posted...
That's called cel-shaded graphics, and no. I like that style.

"Cartoonish" is an art style, not graphics.

Thank you, somebody, for pointing this out. There's a difference.

Anyways, depends on the genre. If I'm playing something like Spyro or Zelda, sure. If I'm playing something like Uncharted or Mass Effect, not so much.
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#10mikedutchesPosted 8/31/2011 5:53:27 PM
It really depends on the game's art style. A realistic look in a game like Sly Cooper wouldn't work, and cel shading in Call of Duty would be ridiculous. Personally, I like both approaches, but hate anything and everything with an anime feel. Anime is just so hideous, I'd rather remove my eyes with a spork than look at that crap.
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