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Having to pay for DLC is ridiculous at times when you think about it

#61RPG maniac87Posted 9/7/2011 8:26:09 PM
AznED posted...
I guess if people want to be effective: STOP BUYING GAMES.

That's the problem, many of us are incapable of doing this. It's like asking up to stop eating or breathing.
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#62regsantotomasPosted 9/7/2011 8:45:01 PM
AznED posted...
True, but not every law is agreeable. But GEWD, then I guess if people want to be effective: STOP BUYING GAMES.

I don't think the extreme viewpoint is necessary. Some DLC are terrible and I avoid supporting those particular ones. I judge each solution on a case by case basis instead of going with

- Stop Buying Games


- Support ALL DLC

Both extreme viewpoints and attitudes get us nowhere. There is a happy medium somewhere that the market seems to be doing a well enough job of facilitating on its own. Those unwilling to accept and recognize this new paradigm can quit gaming or be left behind.
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#63TheGreatKakashiPosted 9/7/2011 8:52:43 PM
What bothers me is that all this "dlc" is already on the discs, when I think of dlc I wanna think of content theyre adding to the game they finished. Completely new things not unlocking things thats hidden from us.
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#64Devilman_AmonPosted 9/7/2011 9:03:28 PM
^^^ Agreed.
#65akuma634Posted 9/7/2011 9:08:36 PM
I can't stand the idea of planned DLC. Then stuff like over priced costume packs or other little things are lame too. But when DLC is done right, it justifies the cost. The game has been made and you're paying for small expansion packs and other new content. The guys who made the game put in a lot of extra work to make this stuff and it would be horrible business to take these people away from their families even longer for no pay just to please some fanboys.
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#66NeroBenoit(Topic Creator)Posted 9/11/2011 3:26:39 PM
And that's the thing, planned DLC. They can simply just hold out on the gamers make them assume that it's new content. Then we hear people saying that they worked hard to give us extra content when in reality the content was always there, just locked away.
#67king_maddenPosted 9/11/2011 3:32:03 PM
simple solution for everything. if the devs are going to come out with dlc, dont say anything about it until AFTER the game comes out. then release it atleast a month after the game is out. that way they get to release their dlc, and the people who cry about it get to feel like their game is "complete", and that all this late dlc is just extra.