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Dead Island Is Almost here!

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4 years ago#21
looks really pop corn-ish
basically the combat looks stale (basically click for 1 slash1 and click another button for slash 2)
^kind of like demons souls but with no block mechanics... basically just strafe back and forth clicking

i still cant believe the sold out of the limited edition preorders at one of my local eb stores... (but then again its australia, most people like zombie games afaik)
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4 years ago#22
Maybe they only had two copies of the limited edition available in your local stores.
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4 years ago#23
this game had better have a standard zombie mode where they just keep coming and you can go anywhere on the island. Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Call of Duty zombie modes would have been better if they had larger maps
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4 years ago#24
BigSaltyDookie posted...
nite1017 posted...
superbuu3 posted...
Is that as boring as it sounds?

dead island is one big side quest after another... you pretty much play as an errand boy from the moment you start the game, someone will tell you they need something, do something, get something, etc.

So basically Dead Island is going to be Skyrim but with Zombies, right?

because you played skyrim right?

and no, this is basically every WRPG but with zombies.
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4 years ago#25
i don't get the hate...
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4 years ago#26
I think that that trailer did wonders for its publicity.
4 years ago#27
game looks like dookie mixed with poopy
4 years ago#28
Ziggletooth posted...
I'm with schweps on that...

first true zombie game? um no... in all fairness

Co-op game. Learn to read the whole sentence.
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