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Is Metal Gear Solid 4 Worth The Buy?

#41XFactor1Posted 9/13/2011 10:39:27 AM
NO. Buy the HD collection instead. MGS4 has terrible story / direction.

It is the Godfather 3, Batman and Robin, The Phantom Menace of the whole series.
#42RollingCradlePosted 9/13/2011 10:43:38 AM
#43Battleship_GrayPosted 9/13/2011 10:48:37 AM
At the prices you can get it for now? Yah.
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#44cheddar99Posted 9/13/2011 11:10:18 AM
It's ok. Messy story and a bit dated overall by now, but still probably worth picking up cheap.
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#45Metalsonic66Posted 9/16/2011 4:45:33 PM
MGS4 had the best story and campaign in the series by far.
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