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Why won't Sony make any Limited Edition PS3 consoles?

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5 years ago#11
I wish i could of bought the XIII PS3, i didnt know it was out until after i got my plain old black PS3. The XIII just look terrific
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5 years ago#12
MGS4 got one too.
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5 years ago#13
The GunMetal Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3? I think they stopped because they already had to many SKUs out.
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5 years ago#14

From: servb0ts | #010
I miss the different color psones systems. lol. Sony should bring that back

I'm 'sick' of the exact same colored systems (console/handheld) every generation and yet very little change, EVER. If I recall, how many different systems colors were there for the N64? The GameBoys (color/pocket,etc)

The Wii (when known as Revolution) was in a picture with like a Silver, Green, Red, Yellow, Black, White. Yet all we've gotten is White (launch), Black, & Red (limited Edition) . . . . . . .
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5 years ago#15
Remember the N64 and Gamecube? Have the choice of color was standard.

Then again, Playstation is marketed differently. Sony is trying hard to push as something more than a mere video game console, a marketing gimmick which allows them to charge more for it.
5 years ago#16

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5 years ago#17
There's actually a bunch of them, like the Xillia one, the nino kuni one, the FF13-2 one. Only problem is that they're japan only.
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