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R&C: All 4 One Beta Gameplay

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5 years ago#21
FYI: they are posting codes on their twitter page right now:,
5 years ago#22
Azn CuBoi27 posted...
Didn't anyone else get the Beta for this game? It's pure rubbish. I deleted it 10 minutes after playing it. Doesn't feel like a R&C game at all.

That's what I thought too. But then again I only played it by myself, so it may be more fun when playing with other people.
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5 years ago#23
The beta is absolutely brilliant.
I had my doubts about this game and like many others I thought "give me the old" but after playing the beta Im completely blown away.Insomniac have proven me wrong.
It is a blast to play,both alone and with friends.Day 1 buy for me.
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5 years ago#24
Thanks Crimson' for pointing out the twitter page. All codes are gone apparently. I tried 'em all & none worked.

We're supposed to enter them in the PSN store right?
5 years ago#25
Yeah, there are probably people refreshing the Insomniac Twitter page constantly trying to get codes.
5 years ago#26
Yeah, or account management where it says "redeem codes".

just keep an eye on the twitter page. They are still going to keep handing them out.,
5 years ago#27
Also check out james Stevenson's page. He was handing out codes yesterday as well.,
5 years ago#28
Also here:,
5 years ago#29
Gameplay is quite fun, love some of Quark's comments on weapons and gadgets XD
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