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two topics here: Is there a way i can trade in MGS2 and 3 and r u gonna get MW3?

#1NikanaytsaotPosted 9/15/2011 12:26:18 PM
I keep looking a that darn price tag for Modern warfare 3. The hardened edition is 100$.

Its just gonna kill my holiday budget if i use those extra 40$ on MW3. Ive heard negative stuff about it, so i much rather invest in battlefield 3(which i have)

I mean the DLC of COD has irked me so bad. I just completely avoided the MW2 dlc, and used some of my graduation money for the Black ops DLC.

I don't want to pay so much just for underwhelming content, i was only willing to do it with BO due to zombies.

So are you, like me. At least going to try and avoid Modern Warfare 3 for a bit?

Now my second question is this. Would best buy or gamestop accept MGS2 and MGS3 from the ps2 MGS essential collection?

I don't want to sell MGS1.

#2Nikanaytsaot(Topic Creator)Posted 9/15/2011 12:36:40 PM