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Dead Island or Resistance 3?

#21PolishSovereignPosted 9/23/2011 8:31:24 AM
nonames4u posted...
I don't think either one is actually worth their current price, I would hold out for a price drop if I could only choose between these 2.

This. If you wish to purchase a full price game for $60 or whatever the cost where ever you live TC I suggest waiting a few weeks for Dark Souls or a couple of months for Skyrim or just get Deus Ex 3 (you may be able to find it on sale for a little cheaper somewhere).

However if you're dead set on one of these two neither have a large variety in their gameplay and my comments exclude multiplayer. Dead island will last you longer as it has a Diablo styled skill tree for 4 characters each with different talents and completing all side quests with main quest will give you about 30-40 hours. There is new game + and you'll probably want to roll with it to max your character to see all the skills. It basically boils down to hacking off or smashing zombie heads/limbs with a straight edge tone of dread and desperation in open world.
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#22PolishSovereignPosted 9/23/2011 8:42:42 AM
Dead Island is fun for what it is but could use an extra layer of polish or two and has some bugs and the story is basically non existant and the script is quite laughable at times.

Resistance 3 is definitely the best in the series. It has the best atmosphere, graphics, set pieces (imo), and gun play. Sure its 'just another corridor shooter' but it stands out due to its grim depiction of a devestated alien apocalypse earth and its GUNS! The weapons are inventive and fun as ***** to use. Plus each weapon levels up through use rather than by purchasing upgrades and fire fights get intense and thrilling.

Although R3 definitely is more polished DI has its redeeming merits to not instantly discard it and TC it honestly boils down to what you are truly in the mood for. A highly polished FPS experience with inventive and crazy fun guns or an Open World First Person Zombie Adventure RPG.

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