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I'm calling it. Skyrim will be a game

#1MourningReignsPosted 9/23/2011 6:50:14 PM
Take that to the bank.
#2TikeioPosted 9/23/2011 6:51:50 PM

I'm lost for words, TC.....

#3GrandpaShufflePosted 9/23/2011 6:53:57 PM
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#4MourningReigns(Topic Creator)Posted 9/23/2011 6:54:27 PM
In the words of one of the finest posters here, wowowowowowwowowowowo
#5nonames4uPosted 9/23/2011 6:57:05 PM
"I'm calling it. Skyrim will be a game"

Ack damn, I thought it was a vacuum cleaner, you sure it's a game? :D
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#6Andy12332199Posted 9/23/2011 7:43:29 PM
A bold prediction indeed
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#7itsme73Posted 9/23/2011 7:46:52 PM
Give this man a nobel prize?
You're a pathetic excuse for an ant!
#8Demon_AckerPosted 9/23/2011 7:47:09 PM
Dental plan!
#9LorthremarPosted 9/23/2011 7:49:56 PM
My God... what if you're wrong? What if the world blows up? What do we do then?
I doubt we'll get any XXX characters. The ESRB would have a fit.
#10k_adsl123Posted 9/23/2011 7:55:33 PM
That's just your opinion, man.
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