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Fo3 game manual

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5 years ago#1

<3 Bethesda always supporting bathrooms
I am an octopus
5 years ago#2
Gears of War 3's is awful. You can barely wipe your ass with it.

I miss the old days when manuals were thick as war and peace ;0
Pic is related-
5 years ago#3
FO3's manual is pretty epic, and I usually don't care about game manuals.

SSBB's is pretty nice too.
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Started April 12, 2011.
5 years ago#4
LBP has a good manual too.
5 years ago#5
Agreed with both above ones

Although LBP2 :l
I am an octopus
5 years ago#6
Yes LBP2's manual was disappointing.
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