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You can't tell me you aren't excited for Batman: AC

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5 years ago#71
jimi_dini posted...
banzaiheil posted...
jimi_dini posted...
pburgh36 posted...
You can't tell me you aren't excited for Batman: AC

- Had it preordered (even the CE)
- Read about the single player off-line pass crap, which locks Catwoman single player content
- Canceled preorder
- waiting for Wii U version, which hopefully will contain everything and no off-line pass crap

So, you're saying that you were going to buy new, but cancelled when you found out that your new copy would come with access to all of the content?

I canceled, because I want a COMPLETE version ON DISC.
a) maybe I want to lend the game to a friend or even *shock* play the game with a friend at his home
b) maybe I want to sell the game later because well maybe it sucks, idk
c) maybe I want to play this game in 5-10 years again and no one will guarantee me that this huge catwoman off-line content will be available at all at that point anymore for me to download

I'm flipping sick of this crap. I was willing to spend like 70EUR on the game. It already has pretty crappy Collector's Edition contents. You see, I'm getting a REAL soundtrack and a REAL making-of DVD with my Dark Souls order including a REAL artbook for no additional cost. For Batman:AC, I would get a download MP3-crapfest instead, a movie on DVD (wth, PS3 has BluRay) and a statue, which might be of the same craptastic quality like the Batman:AA CE. That's what they are calling Collector's Edition today. No, digital content does not count as collector stuff.

And now they are even saying: oh flip you. We will give you additional download-codes so that you can DOWNLOAD parts of the OFF-LINE content of the game ADDITIONALLY, instead of just putting it on the disc. No, I don't tolerate this crap anymore.

I will just wait for the complete Wii U version of this game. I bet my behind that it will contain everything on disc. Wii U just has 8GB disc space. They won't be able to pull this stuff on that console. And I bet it will even be the better version of the game.

Point a: is silly, because you can still play the game (extra content included) on your friend's PS3. Point b: is silly because you can still sell the game. Point c: is understandable, but I think you have a different way of looking at the add-on content. (which the first game also had, just in a slightly different format) The game is not incomplete without it, as it is additional content. It's a Batman game, with some Catwoman (and other characters) extras missions.

Now, I don't care what version (if any) you buy, of course it's your call. I personally don't put as much faith in the Wii U as you do, but only time will tell on that one.
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5 years ago#72
I'm not excited for Batman: AC.
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5 years ago#73
I'm not excited for Batman AC.
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5 years ago#74
I am VERY exctied for Batman AC.
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