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Is it safe to put my ps3 slim inside a glass cabinet?

#1castrejon04Posted 10/9/2011 12:27:57 AM
I have my AV, HD DVD, and Blu-Ray player behind a wooden cabinet close by a glass door and they get really hot in there, but I have never gotten any problems with my equipment before. However, I want to know if the ps3 slim will get too hot and break out like the 360?
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#2blowsephPosted 10/9/2011 12:50:24 AM(edited)
The PS3 creates a pretty substantial amount of heat and having it in an enclosed area keeps it from being able to get fresh (cool) air. It might not kill it outright... I've seen the PS3 put through some rigorous tests as far as heat is concerned ( but just because it might be able to withstand it doesn't mean it's a goof idea.

At the very least if you're going to keep it in an enclosed cabinet... maybe cut 2 holes in the back side of the cabinet (one at the top one at the bottom and then put a small fan (like a PC case fan) in one of the holes so air can circulate through the cabinet. I did this on my entertainment center cabinet with a couple 80mm PC case fans and an old PC power supply I had lying around... the cabinet has a PS3, a Wii, a huge home theater receiver, and a satellite tuner in it and it stays almost room temperature inside with everything running.
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