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Any leakage yet about the PS4? (Getting around that time)

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User Info: DoubleJ_2

5 years ago#11

From: TotalFootball | #007
Aside from improved hardware, Sony has to look at an interface redevelopment. They have to implement features that customers want, and they have to be solid. I think it's a better marketing opportunity to launch a new console with updated hardware, a more robust feature set, and a new vision than to try and sell an old machine with a new firmware update.

^ All of this.
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User Info: PlayDatBarre

5 years ago#12
there's only a few things Sony has to fix/update.

1. Faster Blu-Ray. With Blu-Ray read speeds as fast as DVD speeds, DVDs officially die.

2. RAM upgrade. One of the biggest issues is memory limitation. Just a small upgrade is all that is needed. And given how inexpensive RAM is nowadays, it can't be too expensive to put 1GB + per console.

3. I'm sure there are already a ton of architectural upgrades for the Cell in the books. But we all know that it needs some work. Also maybe be a little more user-friendly.

4. Upgrade its wireless adapter (just for the selling point of saying it's upgraded, basically)

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

5 years ago#13
The system needs at minimum 4GB of RAM because Microsoft already had more in the 360 and you know they are going to put a lot more in their next system.

It needs a masterful GPU, CPU, and tons of RAM, every lighting effect known to man, and ANTI ALIASING!

User Info: karamadalyn

5 years ago#14
leakage? Urinary or fecal?

User Info: Acient_Soldier

5 years ago#15
will have porn games
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User Info: BigoSmallo

5 years ago#16
Seeing as you can get 4GB ram for under $20 on sale, and that's at consumer prices, I expect at minimum 4GB in the next generation console.
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User Info: AdmiralBison

5 years ago#17
Motion controls, 3D, Cloud services and more integrations among other Sony platforms and devices.
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
5 years ago#18
I'm hoping for a streamlined gaming console.

Forget about the half-assed features an old computer can pull off 100 times better. They just drive up the price for no good reason.
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