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Assassin's Creed "Revelations" leaves new questions without answering anything.

#21CrimsonGear80Posted 11/28/2011 2:16:08 PM
GradyHoover posted...
So people in an underwater city can throw fireballs by injecting themselves with goop but a guy can't relieve his ancestor's lives with a supercomputer?

That's the line between "scientific absurdity" and "scientific impossibility." The former is sci-fi taken to a ludicrious, goofy extreme; the latter is pure fantasy, yet inexplicably dressed up as sci-fi.

Except both stories are "fantasies" in a sci-fi setting. There's nothing scientific about any of it and I'm not quite sure why you would think so.
#22GradyHooverPosted 11/28/2011 2:23:58 PM
Simply put, I think Assassin's Creed's framing story would work a bit better if they just said it was about magic instead of some crazy fake-science inception/matrix device. Just have them put a spell on Desmond to go into his genetic past, if you even have to have Desmond at all. (Honestly, having his story drags the whole thing down into increasingly ludicrous territory.)

Not that this would solve all the stupidities and silliness, mind you. It definitely feels like the craziest, most convoluted storyline since MGS2, but it's good for a laugh.
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#23L0ZPosted 11/28/2011 2:27:18 PM

We learn that the animus was discovered from templars using the apple. The apple they found is the one in Masayaf. The same apple that enabled altair to make genetic memory discs that ezio saw.