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Namco strikes the hearts of fighting game fans ounce again in HD remasters..

#1autobotdanPosted 11/29/2011 1:52:15 AM
First on xbox360 with Soul Calibur HD and now on PS3 with Tekken Tag Tournament HD. Yes both games were from the Dreamcast & early Playstation2 launch era but Both are some of the greatest fighting games ever made and it's a tragedy that these games might never have online play ever. Yes Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will release in near future but so did Soul Calibur 4 shortly after xbox360 Soul Calibur HD. People said no problem because SC4 would have online but SC4 turned out to be not as good as SC1. Sequels are never guarenteeed to be superior games. Those of you with a xbox360 that have Soul Calibur HD can tell you that it looks so much more Georgeous than it ever did on Dreamcast and now the same can be said for Tekken Tag HD. They both look better in HD and about the only thing that would make them so much perfect would be online. Fans of previous Namco fighters would play these games online =(
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