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why doesn't ps3 give us the option to install any game we want, old or new?

#21YermomHoudini(Topic Creator)Posted 12/7/2011 4:21:40 AM
games are expected to have a HDD available to cache data from

so you are saying if game is installed on hard drive and doesn't know it's installed, what would happen is that it will

read from installed to temporary space on hdd, and then from temporary to memory?

correct me if I am wrong, but what you are saying is the game is doing this
disc drive to hard drive to memory, all at the same time, doing the same thing twice, and the middle man hard drive isn't exactly doing any thing.

this is only assuming everything is happening at the same time.

so what happens if everything is not happening at the same time?

say a game is not installed
when a game is running, game data is already loaded into memory, hdd not being used to read
when game is in loading screen, game is reading from hdd temp space into memory
so then when the game is running, disc drive must be downloading next stage data into the hdd temp so that the back ground loading is not affecting gameplay.

if this is true, then having game installed on hard drive without api support wouldn't really affect reading and writing process because they are fully separated.

I know I am wrong though because on a game I can't install, my game disc is still being read on loading screen.
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