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Internet Connection Problems (Router Related)

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5 years ago#1
I have a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54G2 and my PS3 refuses to connect to it. When I scan for networks, it sees the router, but every step I have taken to assist it in connecting has failed. I have changed the port range forward settings in my router settings, tried removing the power cord from the modem, and followed all of the steps that the Playstation technical support team gave me, with no success. I was wondering what I could do to fix this problem.

I was also wondering if a network bridge would work in the same capacity as a normal ethernet cord.

Is it just that my specific model of router has issues with all PS3s?

Thanks in advance. I would truly appreciate advice on this subject, as my PSN has been out of commission for about a year due to this problem.
XBL GT:HA sharphawkeye
5 years ago#2
have you tried an ethernet cable to make sure its not your PS3? do your other wireless devices work? Sorry I know they are kind of obvious but sometimes the simplest things slip your mind when you get frustrated
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5 years ago#3
The Xbox 360 picks up the signal fine (it sits right next to it), as well as the other wireless devices in the house.

As far as the ethernet cord test, I haven't tried that in a while, but I'll give a go and get back to you as soon as I find out the results.
XBL GT:HA sharphawkeye
5 years ago#4
You shouldn't need to set the ports with that router as it has UPnP ( universal plug n play ) settings, I suggest restartig the router to it's factory settings, enable UPnP, then go from there.

Also make sure to check the simple variables such as ISP speed, signal strength, other connected devices eating bandwidth ( in my case Wii connect24 would make my PS3/360 lag online, but once disabled they work %100 )
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5 years ago#5
I have the router and my PS3 has been wirelessly conncted to it for over a year, try the ethernet cable and see if maybe it's the wifi inside the PS3.
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5 years ago#6
I reset the router to factor defaults and it seems to have made some progress. Now, instead of failing to Obtain the IP address, it succeeded in that and finding the internet connection The PSN failed though.
XBL GT:HA sharphawkeye
5 years ago#7
Check if you can access the Internet from the PS3 Internet browser.
There still may be some funny things keeping PSN from working, independent from IP problems.
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5 years ago#8
Oddly enough, I can access the internet. Come to think of it, my internet went out before the PSN outage and everyone had to reset their accounts. Could this have affected my access to the PSN?
XBL GT:HA sharphawkeye
5 years ago#9
So the internet browser works, but PSN is still not working.
XBL GT:HA sharphawkeye
5 years ago#10
Never mind. It works now! Thanks a lot everyone. Really appreciate your time and comments.
XBL GT:HA sharphawkeye
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