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I borrowed Uncharted 3 from a friend, to see that it requires an online pass.

#51ManuKesnaPosted 6/16/2012 10:49:14 PM
your loss, go cry somewhere else
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#52MikeugamePosted 6/16/2012 10:50:50 PM
LMAO the TC & this so called gamestop set themselves up for a super flaming burn, I support online passes it dosent effect me or most of everyone else at all.
#53GM_Posted 6/17/2012 12:15:20 AM
itt: Borrowing games is worse than piracy.

Jesus Christ people today... I give up on humanity. You are all sheep.
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#54dj___rollPosted 6/17/2012 12:56:47 AM
GM_ posted...
itt: Borrowing games is worse than piracy.

Jesus Christ people today... I give up on humanity. You are all sheep.

Irony at it's finest. Mooooooooo...

I also pity your reading comprehension as no one said borrowing a game is worse than piracy. They only stated the devs don't see any money from you and you are therefor not a customer.
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#55killakPosted 6/17/2012 1:10:51 AM
From: StucklnMyPants | #001
So instead of whining about it on a forum,

*logs onto to create a topic about the issue*
#56Jinzo 111887Posted 6/17/2012 1:35:41 AM
I'm kind of with the TC here. While I normally buy new, online passes are not something I can support. I can't transfer them over to alternate accounts if I get wrongfully banned. (A friend of mine almost got banned from Modnation Racers just for being in the same modspot as two idiots arguing who were for two hours.) Also, when I got my PS3, I was under the impression that online multiplayer would be free. The online pass adds an * to free and ruins the main reason I got a PS3 for me. It's bundled into the game's price as a hidden fee. I could name more problems with it. I've already shot down/thrown back most arguments against used games once. If I have to, I'll do it again.
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#57StucklnMyPants(Topic Creator)Posted 6/17/2012 8:45:11 AM
From: Exoudeous | #050
I'll say I'm wrong if you can think of 1 single way Online Pass impacts the paying customer of a new copy in anyway.
#58CooperRCPosted 6/17/2012 8:49:08 AM
I decided to penalize companies that use online pass in their game. I will no longer buy their games until I can get it for $19.99 new.
#59TaffmanGPosted 6/17/2012 11:05:08 AM
Interesting to see the poll of the day earlier in the week that asked what you think the reason is that games sales have dropped 28% this year compared to last.

I guess there's more people than you think not buying games because of the way the publishers/developers are trying their hardest to alienate their paying customers.

I don't support any game which has (for example) day one DLC - if this means that I miss out on some very good games then so be it. I play games as a hobby, not a way of life and if I feel that I'm having the p*** taken out of me then I'll move onto something else.

It's only set to get worse next gen as well, which would be unfortunate for all of us, regardless of our different opinions on things.