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switching hdd on a slim

#1KingOfZer0Posted 8/31/2012 9:29:35 AM
got this slim on black friday since my phat is starting to die on me. Now when i changed my phat ps3 hdd it didnt give me this message.

here is the message:

The system software cannot be run correctly. Press the PS button to restart the system.
If the system cannot be restarted, the system partition of the system storage must be reformatted and you must reinstall the system software.
Connect storage media that contains update data of version 4.21 or later, and then press the start and select buttons at the same time.
For more information on how to obtain update data, refer to SCE web site for your region.

So do i have to get a usb with update data on it or my back up on my external HDD would do?

I never got this message when switching HDD's on my phat ps3.
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#2Tmac2035Posted 8/31/2012 9:40:01 AM(edited)
Yes, you will need to download the update data onto a flash drive and make sure it has the proper folder structure. Sony's website has instructions.

You didn't see this on your phat because the firmware is stored differently.
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#3KingOfZer0(Topic Creator)Posted 8/31/2012 10:23:56 AM
got it to work now, and is currently restoring, taking a whole 5 hours to restore. switching on a slim sucks.
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