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possible to run my ps3 through my pc?

#1kelkickzPosted 9/21/2012 8:37:52 AM
would it be possible to use my ps3s hdmi and connect it to my pc and display my ps3 in a sort of windowed mode on windows 7?

i have all the software to video capture/stream and i use it with pc games, however i wanted to do some capture of a ps3 game

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#2RomangeloPosted 9/21/2012 8:39:33 AM
yes, buy a capture device.

this is what I'm using:
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#3lambchipsPosted 9/21/2012 8:45:32 AM
Romangelo posted...
yes, buy a capture device.

this is what I'm using:

this, except my capture card isnt that one...
im using this

everything is hooked to my comp and everything is much easier... i can do things that i cant normally do on my ps3 too, like multitask while im ingame (music, internet, movie and w/e else pcs can do)
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#4este914Posted 9/21/2012 9:01:00 AM
Thats a sweet card
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