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Last thing that killed you?

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4 years ago#131
The Sheriff in borderlands 2.

didnt see her on top of the buildings when i was going to meet her, damn tricky woman
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4 years ago#132
a frog in guild wars 2 -.-
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4 years ago#133
A haunted chandelier in Ghostbusters - picked it up on eBay for less than $10 and loving it so far.
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4 years ago#134
My farts.
4 years ago#135
A Wanzer Sniper
4 years ago#136
Nightmare from Soul Calibur IV.
You Only Die Once
4 years ago#137
Ayane killed me. I got an amazing Tina lose pose as a result though.
4 years ago#138
Hm.... I don't exactly remember, but I think it was a flying imp thing in Legasista. Stupid Demon and Hell gates leveling up the monsters in the place. Lucky me, my generated floor happened to be a floor of a bunch of imps in a very, veeeeeery thin corridor with a bunch of giant mushrooms blocking paths and the imps towering my character's levels by a good 15 levels or so. Needless to say, once I got cornered, it was over.
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4 years ago#139
bed of chaos from dark souls on new game +
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4 years ago#140
Buffalo in Tokyo Jungle. Does that count?? Two horned damn prick!
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