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Should I get a PS3 or Wii U??

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4 years ago#31
DeathSnipe777 posted...
WiiU. PS4 will be out in 2 or 3 years and it will be able to play all the PS3 games (if Sony doesn't keep acting stupid).

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4 years ago#32
Mwulf posted...
The PS3 has games.
The Wii U might have games.

I'd suggest buying a PS3 first. And then a Wii. Wii U doesn't have any better m/c than the regular Wii, so there's really no point to it at all as far as I'm concerned.

Expect the Wii U has BC with the Wii, and it will have the Wii U exclusives.
Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft = Epic
4 years ago#33
PS3 and then buy a Wii U in a few years when the price drops and there are more games out for it.
4 years ago#34
Go with Sony. Nintendo has proven that they can't be trusted with the Wii. The majority of gamers don't even still play their Wii, it just sits there.

Ps3 has an actual online network, a really good library, and multimedia features.
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