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PS3 gamers that don't care about Platinums. Which games did you platinum?

#31Z2488Posted 10/4/2012 5:10:40 PM
None. I tried in Wipeout HD Fury, but Arcade Perfect and another of similar difficulty eluded me.
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#32Papa_PwnagePosted 10/4/2012 5:11:14 PM
Sly 1. I just played through the game and got it.
#33GuardianShadow0Posted 10/4/2012 5:37:01 PM
Assassin's Creed 2
#34Soul_of_ManaPosted 10/4/2012 5:37:52 PM
InFamous 2 and FFXIII-2.
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#35warrenmatsPosted 10/4/2012 5:38:52 PM
silent hill 3 HD
Resident evil 5

I don't even like SH3, but I platinumed it anyway since the Platinum was super easy to get.

I liked re5 so i platinumed it.
#36Grandy12Posted 10/4/2012 5:40:51 PM
Batman Arkham City and Sly Cooper.

The first because it was so fun I wanted the find excuses to keep playing. The second because the trophies were so easy I got them all without even trying to.
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#37greatmario3Posted 10/4/2012 5:43:53 PM
Silent Hill Downpour.

Platinum involved beating game on hard puzzle/combat difficulty and getting all endings.
All side quests too.

I will be getting the WALKING DEAD platinum.. they just gotta release the last two episodes!!
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#38poporulezPosted 10/4/2012 5:44:34 PM
Record of Agarest War 2
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#39EagleEyedTigerPosted 10/4/2012 5:44:59 PM
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#40greatmario3Posted 10/4/2012 5:46:42 PM
wsoldier182 posted...
None. I've considered plat'ing Silent Hill Downpour, but the Pinata Party trophy seems to be glitched. I killed more than ten on my last playthrough and then i started another and my kills weren't being counted.

Aww, that's unlucky :(, I had no problem getting any of the trophies in Downpour.
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"They look like monsters to you?" - Vincent