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What was the first Final Fantasy you ever played?

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User Info: freakofnature30

4 years ago#221
IV (2 at the time of U.S. release) and yes.
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User Info: TRMDYL

4 years ago#222
FFX. Yes it's still my favorite.
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User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#223
8, never finished it 'cause my data got deleted, was using game shark anyways. But the first one I actually finished was 13 and I loved it.

User Info: VanderZoo

4 years ago#224
8 and no. But I like it more than most do.

User Info: cloud2556

4 years ago#225
Stop copying other People's topics
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User Info: HolyMcmoly

4 years ago#226
The last and only one I've ever played was VII, and I only played it for a few minutes. Turn-based RPG's are just too repetitive, and the stories too cliche, for me to enjoy them.

User Info: jaydig

4 years ago#227
The first one. We rented that game every weekend for quite a while!

Favorite? Nah. FF6 is still my favorite.
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User Info: Mordecai the Mad

Mordecai the Mad
4 years ago#228
FF1 on NES, and no.

FF4 is still my favorite.
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#229

In the FF series? Yeah.

Overall favorite? No.
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User Info: Benny-26

4 years ago#230
Final Fantasy VIII and yes it's my favorite.
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