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What was the first Final Fantasy you ever played?

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3 years ago#291
7 yes
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3 years ago#292
FF8, still one of my favorites and the contributing factor for me getting into the RPG genre
Beat it once, never beat it again >_< -Roland1999 -
3 years ago#293
cavebear56 posted...
1 and no.


But I am currently replaying it on my iPad.
You were indicted.
3 years ago#294
FF7 in Japanese.
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3 years ago#295
final fantasy VIII
3 years ago#296
7 and yes.
3 years ago#297
Final Fantasy VIII (8) on the PS1, still have the PC version, and is my favourite one, story wise.
3 years ago#298
FFX and it's my favorite
3 years ago#299
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. i was looking at my Crystal Chronicles case & i still like it in some way.
3 years ago#300
10 and yes.
MGO- Mr. Detroit
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