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Help Urgent. (Might be PSN related)

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4 years ago#1
Alright this may be a little long so please bear with it.

OKay around 11:15am today I had went onto to PSN to play some games online. MVC1. When I did go into ranking mode I couldn't find anyone so I back out but when I did the syncing box for the game kept going on and wouldn't stop. I was able to use ranking boards okay but online fighting was acting weird.

So I decide to go play Street fighter 3 online and same thing I couldn't find anyone online so I backed out and the Sync box with the circle inside it just kept going on and on unless I pressed the O button. And when I tried to go back online it told me that "An error has occurred you be returned to main menu"

So to make sure it wasn't just Capcom games I went to Bomberman Ultra to see if that was working okay. Ans well when I went onto to multiplayer mode and searched for matches it just kept saying searching for match and didn't stop so I went to the ranking board an that came up instantly.

So I thought this might be a internet issue so I had power cycled my modem and router and waited for awhile before I went back onto PSN and when I did go back on same thing still happend. And also when I went back onto Bomberman Ultra and clicked on multiplayer it wouldn't take me there at all not even on ranking board either, I would hear the clicking noise that I had selected it though.

So now I was worried that it might be my hard drive so I went to Gamestop and explained my situation to my friend there and he told me its probably a PSN issue. I told I was able to sign in and stuff, be he still said that PSN was lagging out or something and not my hard drive since he said the ranking boards where still coming up.

Alright so right now I just got back home so zI haven't checked it again but what do you guys think? Is this a PSN issue? If so are other people experiencing problems too? Or could this be the whole 4.25 firmware problem I keep hearing on Sony Support forums?
4 years ago#2
Alright I went back on it and still same thing.
4 years ago#3
alright i did a restore file system and that seemed to work a bit
4 years ago#4
Your PS3 is dying!!!
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4 years ago#5
Romangelo posted...
Your PS3 is dying!!!

is that a joke

I have only had this slim for a year and 1 month
4 years ago#6
SO should I be worried still cause online games seems to be working alright. I even put in SSFIV Arcade edition and that was working. SF3 and bomber man got better but still a little wonky here and there.
4 years ago#7
I believe it's just Capcom games. RE6 isn't working online right now either.
4 years ago#8
ZoIoft posted...
I believe it's just Capcom games. RE6 isn't working online right now either.

That would make since but then why was Bomberman Ultra having the same issue too?
4 years ago#9
Alright I'm still having the same issue today I thought it would be over by today but its not.
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