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shout out to 90s kids

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4 years ago#11

This is literally all I want out of life.
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4 years ago#12
beetle borgs (TPS/action)
goosebumps (survival horror)
ed edd n eddy (urban adventure/platformer)
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4 years ago#13
Red Link posted...

This is literally all I want out of life.

lmfao that was awesome two great things coming together
4 years ago#14
peter_888 posted...
beast wars
either that or Shadow Raiders

Omg remember the ps1 beast wars game? I played the hell out of it.
Man f*** Billy!!!!!!!!
4 years ago#15
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4 years ago#16
Salute Your Shorts MMO
4 years ago#17
Swat Kats and Street Sharks came immediately to mind.
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4 years ago#18
I would also love to see a good game company do a Reboot game

one of the earliest computer animated shows
That does it! I have had it with these mother****ing trolls on this mother****ing board!!! -mercuryblade09
4 years ago#19
ultimate muscle, or a really good ninja turtles game
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4 years ago#20
I used to watch the crap out of tiny toons...luckily, damn near every tiny toons game konami created turned out awesomesauce, same goes for chip n dale rescue rangers, goof troop, ducktales, and darkwing duck from capcom.
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