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4 years ago#141
Didn't like a lot of SNES games, always preferred Genesis for that generation personally. Not to say there aren't some good SNES games, though - just overall, I find myself liking more Genesis games from that era.
4 years ago#142
Sighto posted...
You've only listed big-budget titles.
Are those also the kinds of titles you enjoyed on the SNES or have you changed what you play?

I play whatever interests me, those games in particular were able to hold my attention for long periods of time while most other games I played this gen didn't.

Heres my list if you think all I play is big budget games, not to mention the games before trophies.
4 years ago#143
Sounds like you just haven't found the right games yet.
4 years ago#144
No poll? What FAIL topic. Close this s*** down tc.
I'm not looking for help, I'm complaining. This is GameFAQs, isn't it? ~ Shad0wflare
4 years ago#145
Absolutezero93 posted...
No poll? What FAIL topic. Close this s*** down tc.

Because if there's one thing this board needs, it's MORE POLLS! I should have a poll to see if there's interest in starting a committee to poll people to see if there's an interest in making more polls, then poll people to see what the polls should be about.

I'm working on my "junior politician" merit badge.
4 years ago#146
Sighto posted...
Sounds like you just haven't found the right games yet.

No not really, thats just your opinion. Feel free to recommend me these games that I haven't found yet.
4 years ago#147
4 years ago#148
I thought that much would be understood, seeing as I didn't list my credentials or a source.
Obviously I have no idea what your ideal game is or why you believe it doesn't exist on the PS3.
4 years ago#149

The PS3 is great though, and is obviously better in some respects (e.g. tech specs and online features), but I prefer the SNES overall, mainly because of the games. I prefer the PS2 to both though. It and the SNES are top 2 for me. The PS3 *might* make my top 5. It's not far away at least.
4 years ago#150
I read about half of this topic, and saw no mention of Super Metroid. Both are good systems, but the PS3 just hasn't had any game captivate me other than Tales of Graces f.

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