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Can I skip Uncharted 1?

#11Kingmichael1337Posted 10/6/2012 8:55:09 PM
uncharted 1 is boring while uncharted 2 is great, so yes, skip it. the stories aren't that connected
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#12ZackG31Posted 10/6/2012 8:56:08 PM
yes you can skip it, it is the worst of the 3
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#13Retroxgamer0Posted 10/6/2012 9:00:55 PM(edited)
i loved uncharted 2 and i never played uncharted 1 except for the demo. they arent very connected at all. you can totally skip any uncharted, theres hardly any connection, and the main storyline isnt connected whatsoever.
#14Teepo64Posted 10/6/2012 9:06:38 PM
Campaign story mode: Uncharted 2 > Uncharted 1 > Uncharted 3.

Don't skip it, yo.
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