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Yow , PS3 gamer , Where are you from?

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4 years ago#11
servb0ts posted...
Califorina. ^_^
4 years ago#12
Oh, and the philippines is a part of asia..

anyways: Ca, US
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4 years ago#13
Toronto, Canada.
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4 years ago#14
Where is Atlantis?
4 years ago#15
Not gonna lie... this is the worst structured poll i've ever seen.
4 years ago#16
servb0ts posted...
Califorina. ^_^

Me too, do you have any gas money I can barrow?....
4 years ago#17
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4 years ago#18
Other - Middle East
PSN: ghattas
4 years ago#19
From: white wind | #018
Other - Middle East

That's the 'Asia' option
4 years ago#20
Since other people are listing what parts of the United States they hail from I might as well put down where I'm from too, and I come from New Jersey. It's nowhere near the cesspit that the rest of the US seems to think it is unless you're in somewhere like Camden.
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