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Ex Troopers 3DS/PS3 demo coming to eShop on 10/17, PSN 10/18

#1SagadegoPosted 10/10/2012 7:25:09 PM(edited)
for japan.

will grab this demo for sure.
#2AXKSIONPosted 10/10/2012 7:23:20 PM
SWEET! ps3 is getting a 3ds game!

jk, this game looks pretty cool. hmm, ps3 or 3ds version is the question
#3CrimsonGear80Posted 10/10/2012 7:23:54 PM
you should point out that this is for Japan.
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#4Sagadego(Topic Creator)Posted 10/10/2012 7:24:46 PM
unless you have a japanese 3ds the ps3 ver. is the one. also ps3 ver. supports online multi.
#5Sagadego(Topic Creator)Posted 10/10/2012 7:25:51 PM
CrimsonGear80 posted...
you should point out that this is for Japan.

ya i just noticed thanx.
#6Sagadego(Topic Creator)Posted 10/14/2012 3:20:02 PM
bump.demo is this week.
#7Anodyne11Posted 10/14/2012 3:22:01 PM
I've never heard of this game but it looks interesting. Going to look into it.
I'd probably get it for PS3 if it's released here.
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#8Sagadego(Topic Creator)Posted 10/17/2012 6:39:02 PM
demo is now up via search. now grabbing.
#9Sagadego(Topic Creator)Posted 10/17/2012 6:59:32 PM
visual style is like Valkyria Chronicles
doesn't look like 3ds up scale looks better then 3ds one.
really fun game.