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PS3 Games you cannot bring yourself to finish?

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3 years ago#81
Darksiders, ME2, Bioshock I am having a tough time getting into, Borderlands I go in spurts. FF xiii too. I'm surprised I have seen so many Bioshock, thought I was alone....
3 years ago#82
Bought Darksiders to play it before to play the second one, but never really got into it at all, lucky I only got it for about $15.
3 years ago#83
Final Fantasy 13
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3 years ago#84
3 years ago#85
demons souls
3 years ago#86
Valkyria Chronicles, made it about halfway through and probably won't ever finish it.
3 years ago#87
PS3 game? How about I just list almost every game I ever started.
I know, it's a problem.
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3 years ago#88
Two Worlds II.
I'm sure there are other more controversial games I could mention.
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3 years ago#89

Been stuck in the underwater level for ages.
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3 years ago#90
Ichigo_Uchiha posted...
Star Ocean - The Last Hope -International-. It was my first SO game, and I horribly regret picking it up. The battle system was the only thing fun about it, while everything was was just so.... so bland. And it didn't feel like I could actually go anywhere, or had any freedom except in battle.

Try one of the earlier games in the Star Ocean series. They are significantly better as far as story goes and the gameplay isn't that bad. Most of them are 2D but. My first was Star Ocean: The Second Story on PSX. I am still working on tracking some of the others from the series down and purchasing them. Star Ocean Til The End of Time is a good suggestion. It has a similar battle system to TLHI but the plot is a little better with a good twist at the end. The parts of the series that I've played have this grand concept throughout that you really have to play a number of them to even hope to catch but I won't go into that: for many people it's way too deep into thought and morality and for some it's just far fetched and imbecilic. I however found it interesting. PM me if you would like more info.
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