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Any games that you regret buying?

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User Info: megamatics

4 years ago#51
Alone in the Dark (ps2)
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Sonic Heroes
Star Ocean 4
Warriors Beat em up (XBLA)
Final Fantasy 13
Resident Evil 5
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User Info: JerichoDarkstar

4 years ago#52
Prototype. I hated that game! Horrible. . . HORRIBLE attempt at a copy of inFAMOUS. Now, that. . . was the definition of a good game.
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User Info: captainjeff87

4 years ago#53
Brutal Legend. Blatant God of War/DMC rip off with Jack Black.

The Saboteur. Wanna-be GTA.

Fracture. Boring as hell.

Modnation Racers. Not anything like LBP.

Prototype. Infamous is far better, this guy is just a emotionless boring wanna-be Cole.
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User Info: murry_the_skull

4 years ago#54
Red Dead Redemption. Couldn't care about any of the characters (and I really tried to care about John), didn't care about the story, and found the only thing cool was the ending.
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User Info: kuter

4 years ago#55
Dishonored. Games really got waayyy too much hype for it's repetitive and boring gameplay

User Info: mmc2679

4 years ago#56
Game of Thrones: Liked the story but the battles are too hard later in the game making the game unplayable. Wasted $40 for no reason.

There are others but this is the latest one.
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User Info: Bebop242

4 years ago#57
Starhawk, paid full price day one. Played the glorified tutorial called a single player campaign and never played it again.

Twisted Metal paid full price day one. Completely broken online at launch. Good game, but wish I waited for $30 price point.

Duke Nukem $1.99 new at Best Buy. Thought to myself, "can't go wrong for 2 bucks" I was wrong.

User Info: EtherPhoenix

4 years ago#58
Impaired Medic posted...
Unlimited SaGa
Armored Core 5
Resident Evil 5

Skyrim as well.

I am glad I only borrowed Unlimited SaGa. I was very excited to play it since I played (and still play) the heck out of SaGa Frontier. Boy, I did NOT like that game.

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User Info: Fat_Dog_Mendoza

4 years ago#59
Valkyria Chronicles. The characters were stupid, the story was dull, and the gameplay was aggravating.

User Info: WinterKitsune

4 years ago#60
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Not only a terrible PC port, combat was mostly spamming the strongest skills you have and insta-win. Not to mention so many pots you were basically invincible. Too easy even on the hardest difficulty.

Bioshock 2. The game itself wasn't bad, but GFWL is just awful. I avoid any game that requires it now.

Prince of Persia collection: It was cheap for all of them so I thought I'd get it but... I don't really enjoy the games that much. Platforming bits are fun but the combat is more annoying and ruins the enjoyment more than anything.

Winter Voices: This game tried to put everything into creating a story. It was interesting and I did want to know what happened but the combat itself was just... so bad it was unplayable for me.

Mirror's Edge: Controls were... completely unresponsive or just didn't register like I wanted. Character even somehow fell while ziplining.

I can name a lot more games I was pleasantly surprised with however.
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