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Any PS3 users getting a,,,,,,,, Wii U?

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4 years ago#51
Yep. And I'm not planning to get a PS4/Orbis.
4 years ago#52
No, but one day maybe.. I just got my first Wii last month.
4 years ago#53

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4 years ago#54
Paid off. Just got to pick it up on release day.

We got one at the office today but were not allowed to open it though until a certain date (I think it's Nov. 10)
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4 years ago#55
I'll definitely get one. Not sure when, but it'll happen eventually.
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4 years ago#56
I wasnt able to preorder one, but I'll probably get one once they're available, after the preorder rush
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4 years ago#57
Hell Yes. Wii U Deluxe Day 1 buy. I'm proud Nintendo Sony gamer.
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4 years ago#58
Why would I get a console barely on par with current gen? I will wait for the real next gen and get a ps4 and maybe a new xbox too (if they have good exclusives this time).
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4 years ago#59
Yes, I'm getting my Wii U, hopefully, on the 30th when it's released in the U.K.

I say hopefully because the store already told me they aren't getting the bundle I originally pre-ordered now, but they're getting five of the regular Deluxe (not ZombieU Premium package). I have a deposit down, but I'm starting to feel less hopeful they'll even get those.

But we'll see.
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4 years ago#60
if its any good, maybe, as of now, i dont see enough to make me want it (my 6 yr old laptop is stronger than that thing)
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