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i just realized today that final fantasy is now garbage

#71Dice_HazardPosted 11/10/2012 2:42:42 PM
Teachers have proper grammar and a good grasp of the english language, it's part of their profession.

You, my friend, are not a teacher. The most you can be is Assistant in the special needs class, which doesn't make you a "teacher".
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#72Flare1721Posted 11/10/2012 2:43:00 PM
Yup because of 2-3 mediocre games the series turns to crap. Logic!
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#73HakaiVeilPosted 11/10/2012 2:44:11 PM
Flare1721 posted...
Yup because of 2-3 mediocre games the series turns to crap. Logic!

When the series is already hit or miss, having two garbage games in succession, with a THIRD intently planned, yes. SE is ruining their golden goose.
#74Dice_HazardPosted 11/10/2012 2:47:20 PM
Universquall posted...
S-E admitted that they didn't want XIII and XIII-2 to be as successful as they could be. So sales figures don't prove anything.

Did they for real? That has to be the most ridiculous statement a company ever said.

Kinda like that dude who originally could've bought the McDonalds franchise for just a few thousands. I bet he also "admits" he just didn't want to become a billionaire.
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#75deprofundis442Posted 11/11/2012 3:20:04 AM
HakaiVeil posted...
deprofundis442 posted...
HakaiVeil posted...
As if Japan ONLY makes FF.

Get out of gaming.

SE needs to stop thinking graphics make the game, and start thinking like they used to. IE, the GAME made the game.

Maybe they still do think that. How know?

If they thought that, their recent games would have had that "feeling" about them.

If you are new to gaming, you don't know that feeling. Don't worry about it.

I'm not new to gaming, and unless you started with the first Final Fantasy, I might be more of a veteran of this series than you. The point is, I think it's a folly to think that people don't give these things everything they have, whether you think it's good or not. Getting the chance to speak to certain people in certain companies has made me doubt that there are developers out there that DON'T think that.

I also hate the word "feeling" used to describe things. It's a meaningless word. If you can't identify it, you probably don't know what it is.
#76nonexistingheroPosted 11/11/2012 3:22:48 AM
kenff6 posted...
Disagree, I loved 13. The problem is exactly what you're describing in your post. We're all adults now and the FF games don't give the same sense of awe and excitement. The games really haven't changed that much - we have.

The games have changed quite and if you say they haven't changed you need to (re)play the older games -__-
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