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Your top 3 Final Fantasy

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4 years ago#201
FF 6
FF 7
FF 10
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4 years ago#202
1. 8
2. 10
3. 9
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4 years ago#203


4 years ago#204
VI, IV, Tactics
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4 years ago#205
1. 12
2. 13
3. 13-2
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4 years ago#206
IX - Loved every single aspect of the game; Story, music, characters, dialogue interact with each other so damn good! It's like a well-written book has come to life.

IV / After Years - I think this one has one of the most memorable scenes and music ever, but that's just me.

XII - Huge open world, tons of weapons, freedom and best of all: Hunts and rewards. The story left me a bit dazzled, but the gameplay is new and innovative, especially while playing IZJS which has this neat job system.
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4 years ago#207
1) IX
2) X
3) X-2
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4 years ago#208
Too many games, not enough time!
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4 years ago#209
2. FFX
3. FFX-2
4 years ago#210
XI- Best story, characters, and music of the series.
VI- Best villain of the series.
XIII- Best battle system and pacing of the series.
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